The process we use to determine the most appropriate treatment for our clients is designed to create the most effective treatment plan possible to address any condition.

The process we us is as follows;

Initial Consultation.

During the initial consultation your case history will be taken. We will then run both Digital Meridian Analysis and Cardiovascular Health Assessments.

Based upon this information we will discuss what we believe to be the underlying causes.

Treatment Plan Formulation

After the initial consultation a Treatment Plan will be created that will be designed to address the specific areas assessed. The treatment plan will be sent to you by email or discussed with you over the telephone.


Based upon the treatment plan a schedule of treatments will be provided. These may included one or more of the following;

  • Course of Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for many conditions and if we feel that this is the most appropriate course of therapy we will recommend a series of treatments which are usually scheduled on a weekly basis and will normally run for 5 consecutive weeks.

  • Course of Chinese Herbal Medical formulas

If we choose Chinese Herbal Medicine as the most appropriate course of treatment you will be provided with the name of the formula chosen and will be provided with all the information you will need to begin your course of treatment.

  • Course of Plant Based Nutritional Supplementation

Dependent upon your assessment we may choose that nutritional supplementation is the most appropriate course of action and will recommend the products that you will need to address the issues identified in our initial consultation.

  • Diet modification

The foods we eat are major contributors to our health status. Many people simply eat food for the sake of eating. What many fail to recognise is the role that food plays in our overall health. We may look at helping you to make better choices in the foods that you eat. We have developed a Nutritional Information Guide that allows our clients enjoy all the benefits of a healthy diet while using this guide to specifically target problem areas. This is not to be confused with diet or meal plans which are very restrictive in their nature. This guide allows you to combine foods that you are familiar with, but what this guide does is show you how to combine foods that share the same therapeutic effect on the body. 

The best way to describe this element of our approach is “Going from bad choices to Informed Decisions”

  • Physical Therapy

Some conditions require physical manipulation to effect a desired result. We use a number of different physical therapies which allow us to realign spinal and pelvic alignment issues. These will usually be combined with Acupuncture.

  • Releasing Emotional Blockages

Many conditions have their origin in stress or related emotional blockages. To effect a real solution to many health problems it is important to clear emotional blockages that are undermining health. Part of the treatment plan created may look at the provision of a series of exercised that are designed to release energetic and emotional blockages. These exercises come from one of the oldest of the Chinese Medical Systems called Medical Qi Gong and they are very effective and simple to do.

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