Following a family visit to the U.S. in 2012 my 11 year old Irish dancer developed a persistent itchy rash which erupted into blisters all over the balls and arches of both of her feet. After several attempts to treat with ‘over the counter’ medication our GP prescribed two different steroid creams and recommended a break from dancing. The treatment was successful but needed to be repeated 2 or 3 times over the next two years.

Another vacation to the U.S. in 2014 caused the condition to flare up again. This time, despite constant application of the same steroids the condition worsened. The blisters were now larger and pus filled and left the entire soles of her feet raw when they burst. The constant application of the steroids, which helped the raw skin, unfortunately left her skin decicate and between the eruption of blisters her skin would split open resulting in painful deep cracks. Her feet were constantly inflamed, red, throbbing and painful. This recurred constantly despite visits to GP, chiropodist, podiatrist, nutritionist, and many, many chemists. All blamed her dancing. I tried all their suggestions and spent hundreds on creams and appointments. After 3 months my GP finally agreed to treat it as a fungal infection. Now instead of keeping her feet moist we had to keep them dry. She took antifunfal antibiotic medication for 6 weeks which made her sick and extremely tired and didn’t work. We finally got an appointment with a dermatologist who disagreed that it was fungal but reluctantly agreed to send off scrapings. She wanted to do allergy testing which was going to costs hundreds more on top of the hundreds I’d already paid for the appointment. After two weeks she sent me a letter advising me that the condition was definitely not fungal. When I declined the allergy tested on offer she sent a second letter to tell me stating that the lab had confirmed that it was a fungal infection.

Meanwhile I decided to try Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine and several people recommended Vincent Scully. I phoned and he agreed to see us straight away. After one appointment we switched from all medications to a combination of plant based nutritional supplements as well as Omega oils and a plant based gel applied directly the feet. After another two appointments her feet had completely cleared up and now 3 months later has not recurred. The acupuncture itself was painless and inexpensive and if I had known about it two years ago I could have saved thousands.

D. Clarkeson
Integrated Healthcare provided a very efficient service at a reasonable cost with results of the screening provided on the same day.

I’ve always had relatively low Blood Pressure results in my annual medicals so was surprised that my Central Aortic Blood Pressure screen was very high. This was new and valuable information. I was less surprised that my Arterial Stiffness screen was very high as I’m already medicated for high cholesterol.

I decided to try the 90 day challenge, ordered the nutrients online and followed the recommended nutrient and diet program for 2 months before being rescreened.

I was delighted that the rescreening showed a reduction in all factors, Blood Pressure, Central Aortic Blood Pressure and Arterial Stiffness. There’s still room for more progress so I intend to remain on the nutrient and diet program for the next 3 to 6 months and then have a further screening.

Based on the results so far I’m happy to recommend the Cardiovascular Health Assessment service to family and friends.

E.A – Dublin

E A - Dublin

I think the service you provide is excellent and I was delighted when I got my results.

I did my best with the 90 day challenge and hope to do better over the next 3 months.

I was very happy to see that my problem areas had greatly improved.

I will continue with my green veg and exercise over the next 3 months and hopefully I will get even better results.

I have recommended your service to both friends and family.

Best wishes

Kay O’C

K O'Connor
Very professional, friendly, and informative. A real eye opener and a must for everybody serious about their health. Highly recommended. Thanks again
G. Keane
Professional personnel and a simple test that may potentially help save or prolong a life at a very reasonable cost
The screening process provided peace of mind to those who took it, including myself, and gave our firm satisfaction in the knowledge that we are proactive in protecting our staffs health and welfare. Process was professional, non-intrusive and friendly, results were focused.
A.R Carey, Cooney Carey
Vincent Thanks for the screening, the results are very encouraging. Your approach to the screening itself was very professional and your knowledge/expertise on the subject matter was also impressive.
G. Halpenny
Very professional , the staff loved it and we got surprise results … It was a great insight into what’s going in in your heart . Look forward to seeing you again in 3 months and contrasting results
R. Corrigan, Global Medics
Vincent really knows what he is doing he helps so many people everyday with all kinds of pain and conditions. I myself have suffered with Migraines for most of my life I have been on numerous amount of medication but nothing I have ever taken has helped me. At one stage I was on 6 lots of tablets for my pain. I am only 33 yrs of age. My worry was taking that much medication everyday and probably for the rest of my life what long term damage was I doing to the rest of my body.

I went to Vincent and he gave me Acupuncture and told me to take herbs I had never heard off. I was so desperate and tired of suffering I did exactly what he said. Since listening to Vincent and receiving a course of acupuncture I am feeling a lot better and have not suffered with migraine for a long time now.

I couldn’t be any happier. I just wanted to say thank you Vincent for your time and help. I cant believe i wasted so much time suffering in pain taking a ridiculous amount of medication to no avail.

If you are in pain or have any health condition my advice don’t suffer anymore call Vincent today he will be only too happy to talk with you and help you find a solution

J. Mulhall

Watch this space, lots more testimonials coming soon