At Integrated Healthcare we offer a range of services designed to meet your specific health needs.

General Health & Wellness

Our general health an wellness service is designed for individuals who have health concerns and wish to address them naturally by encouraging the body’s ability to repair and regenerate.

The focus is to understand the fundamental blockages in energy that can contribute to a loss if optimal health. Once a firm understanding of the base line cause of dis-ease is understood a treatments plan can be devised that will address both the primary and any secondary complaints.

Our service is built around the concept that if you strengthen the body by addressing systemic imbalances it is possible to restore health. Just as ill health is a process that can take many years to develop, the path to restoration of health is also a process. By addressing the underlying causes it is possible not only to treat the symptom but also to restore health generally.¬†Each stage of the process is about building and strengthening the body’s own healing capabilities and this also includes understanding the emotional factors that may be driving your condition. If you think that your mind and body are separate entities then your couldn’t be more wrong. Many conditions have their origin in emotional disharmony and until these are addressed conditions may reassert themselves. We will advise you as to how you can address these issues.

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