We run a monthly clinic at The Treatment Rooms, Victoria Cross, Cork. At this clinic we provide the same assessment services as our Dublin Clinic however since we only hold this clinic on a monthly basis Acupuncture is not available as for it to be effective it needs to be administered on a weekly basis.

Our clients individual treatment strategy looks at the creation of customised treatment plans that will encourage the improvement of the condition over the course of the subsequent month.

Clients will be asked to attend a follow up consultation the next month where a reassessment will take place.

At each consultation we will do the following;

Step 1 – Initial Assessment

  • Client History
    • Condition timeline
    • Symptom assessment
    • Medication usage
  • AcuGraph Digital Meridian Analysis examination
    • Measures the flow of energy in the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    • Allows for assessment of organ function
    • Assess Muscle weakness areas
    • Assesses Spinal weakness
  • Cardioscope Cardiovascular Health Assessment
    • Peripheral Blood Pressure
    • Central Aortic Blood Pressure  (Usually tested as part of an Angiogram)
    • Arterial Stiffness Assessment
    • Heart Rhythm Assessment
    • Vascular Ageing Assessment
  • The Cardioscope was voted “The Most Clinically Applicable Device” by The European Society of Cardiology in 2014.

By completing the two assessments above we are provided with a wealth of clinical information from which we will base our Treatment Plan.

By combining Digital Meridian Analysis with Cardiovascular Health Information we create a clear picture that of the underlying condition of our clients health. It is upon this clear clinical evidence that the recommendations we make are based. This gives a level of understanding that allows to target the treatment objective and create a treatment plan that is focused upon addressing the identified issues.

Many conditions are due to blockages in energy (Physical & Emotional), increases in inflammation and elevations in the key areas we assess. Our tests pinpoint the specific areas that are the root cause of many health problems. Most people fail to realise that the symptoms we experience, such as pain, are simply an expression of an underlying problem. Addressing the symptom will provide relief but will not provide a solution. Our approach allows us to determine a clinical basis for treatment that addresses the fundamental causes. If these are addressed then many symptoms will reduce or will be eliminated fully and a long term health solution may be achieved.

At the most simple level our approach is about improving your overall health and well-being. You may experience increased energy, better mood, increased quality of sleep, reduction in pain, healthy weight loss, alleviation of your symptoms but most importantly our goal is to address the underlying cause of your individual health concern.

Step 2 – Treatment Plan Formulation

Treatment plans are created in the same manner however our treatment plans will be based upon the following;

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine**
  • Diet Modification based upon Chinese & Western principles
  • Food Based Nutritional Supplementation**
  • Medical Qi Gong Exercises

Upon completion the Treatment Plan will be sent by email to you or if no email is available we will discuss your treatment plan over the telephone. 

The purpose of the Treatment Plan is to address both the symptoms you have presented with as well as the underlying causative factors. In Chinese Medicine this is called treating the branch and the root. The branch being the symptoms and the root being the underlying cause.

**Please note that certain elements of the treatment plan will require the purchase of specific products needed to address your particular health issue.

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