Hi, I am Vincent Scully, I am a practitioner of Complementary Medicine with qualifications in VinScullyAcupuncture, Oriental Body Balance and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Along with that I practice Medical Qi Gong and have a passion for food based nutrition, and Rife Technology. I hold a 11th Degree Black Belt in a Martial Art called Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. I have travelled to Japan 12 times to train with the Soke (Grand Master) of our Art, Dr Masaaki Hatsumi as well as his senior instructors.

From a very early age I have had an interest in the human body and at one stage wanted to be a Western Medical Doctor. Through the knowledge I gained from martial arts, at a very early age, I began understanding the effect of specific pressure points on a persons body, then learned that they could be used therapeutically. Through study I saw that the eastern way of thinking was not the superficial perception that is embodied in western thinking. The eastern philosophies appreciated all aspects of the human body as one collective which for me truly embodied the term “Holistic” though this is a term I dislike as for me it often used by people with very little understanding of how the body works or in fact how disease progresses within the human body. My early training in martial arts led me to have an interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and eventually became my chosen career path.

Prior to practising Chinese Medicine I worked as an IT Consultant and had my own business for many years. However in my late twenties I became tired with the “Rat Race” and decided to make a graceful exit. I studied and eventually qualified and to this day I continue to refine my knowledge and understanding of the human body and every day I am amazed at the complexities of the human body, psyche and the environment that we live in.

The Beginning of Awakening

As with any new path in life your decision to take a particular direction is in itself a catalyst to many other things. My chosen path has led to me to gain an understanding of our place as beings on this planet and the fact that we are “A Microcosm within a Macrocosm”. Our place in this world and within this universe is but a small part of a greater plan. Within all of us is the spark of divinity! It is as vast as Infinite Space (Wuji)  yet small enough to be within every cell, atom, proton, neutron, electron etc. What we perceive as matter is simply a manifestation of energy. Our thoughts, our emotions and our physical “Dis-Ease” are simply manifestations of of this force. Energy can be subtle or gross in its effects on our bodies and our planet.

For some this may seem like a difficult concept to understand and for those who find this difficult then please look at the moon and it’s effects on our planet and its effect on the tides and some peoples emotions. We cannot physically feel it’s effect yet it is abundantly obvious. Christopher Hawkins has discussed this energy many times and Quantum Physics has developed many theories and formulas to try to understand this phenomena. The infinite aspects of these theories have been understood in the Ancient Medical Systems for many many thousands of years. In Chinese it is called Qi, in Indian Systems it is called Prana and no matter what your belief system the message is the same. All that we are and all that we perceive is simply a manifestation of energy!

Once I began to understand this energy I began to see that many of the complex health issues of my clients (I don’t like to use the term patients and if you look up it’s origins you will see why) were simply energetic imbalances that manifest in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their body. There is no separation of the physical and non physical in the disciplines that I practise and believe in. I apply these concepts daily to both my professional and personal life.

Modern Medicine

I believe that Modern Western Medicine has it’s place in the whole spectrum of medicine. I personally have some questions as to how it carries out some of it’s actions but I do believe that at the appropriate time Modern Western Medicine is the choice that I would make if it were simply the best choice. For example should I need to have a wound stitched or my appendix removed. Holistic Health Care has its place as does Western Medicine and I believe that achieving a balance between both is the ideal situation. Where I have serious concerns is in the over administration of harmful pharmaceuticals on a trusting and un-suspecting public who have put their hope and faith in the hands of multi nationals who knowingly put their dependents lives at risk simply for the sake of money! If you look at the side effects of many commonly used over the counter drugs you would be astonished to see the the potential harm that they are doing. I do not advocate that anyone come off the medications that they have been prescribed by their Doctor, and to do so would be unethical and beyond the scope of my qualifications. My belief is that if a person can improve their health in a Natural way they may actually be able to reduce their medication as their symptoms decrease. This will be each individuals choice!

In Modern Western Medicine the goal is to treat (suppress) the symptoms. Little regard is given to the true underlying cause of the the problem and little effort is made to resolve this primary factor in most instances. We have become used to taking a pill and feeling, what we perceive to be, better. The problem is that in most cases the “Root Cause” has not been addressed and the problem will reassert itself within a relatively short period of time. Often the actual medication prescribed will cause side effects which themselves need more medication to treat.

The difference between Dis-Ease and Disease

The medical systems that I practise and believe in have at their core a deep understanding of the “Root Cause” of the Dis-Ease within the body. My goal as a professional Complementary Medical Practitioner is to bring the body back into balance by Eliminating The Root Cause of the Dis-Ease. Whether the origin of the problem is in the physical, mental or emotional aspects of the individual or is caused by an environmental  factor I believe that it is my obligation to uncover this root cause and take every step to bring the body back to a state of “Ease”

Why Integrated Healthcare?

Along with my Clinical Practice (Oriental Medicine Clinic) I also run a businesses that sell products to Complementary Medical Practitioners. The reason for this business is not alone financial, I genuinely want to bring high quality products to practitioners who in turn will provide them to their clients or use them to provide a higher quality of service. I believe that we can make a difference in peoples lives in a profound and lasting way. I believe that by helping our clients build their body’s and strengthen their own Vital Energy we can make a difference in their lives. So the goal of Integrated Healthcare is to educate people about the alternatives to pharmaceuticals and provide information or access to these products or services.

I hope that you have gained an understanding of my perspective on health and please understand that these are my views, I am on a path of learning and understanding and at no times do I believe that my word is the final word. I am open to being assisted and educated by others who have a willingness to share for the greater good.

Please feel free to contact me at any stage to discuss this or any of the other information that you find on this web site.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Vincent D.Scully
Dip Ac, OBB, CPH, FEA, BRCP, ICM, TCMCI. 11th Dan Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu


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